Working Ninja
Reset Django Migrations

Somehow, somewhere, something happened to my migrations. It had been a few months since I had edited my file and out of the blue I ended up with an issue adding an additional field to a model. I search around Stack Overflow and found a great answer that resolves this (hopefully it doesn't happen to you!). Here's what the recommendation was:

./ migrate --fake <app-name> zero
rm -rf <app-name>/migrations
./ makemigrations <app-name>
./ migrate --fake <app-name>

If you ran into this issue at the same time that I did (when adding a new field to a model), comment out the field you just added before you run any of the above commands (also comment out any additional new changes you may have made). If you don't, the last migrate --fake will include your new field/changes without generating a new migration file for it.