Working Ninja
Fix A Cached 301 Redirect

When setting up the SSL certificate for, I made a mistake in my VirtualHosts configuration file that handled the redirect of the non-SSL site to the SSL site. The mistakes was simple:  I forgot a trailing slash on the receiving end of the redirect. Without the trailing slash on the receiving end, was redirecting to https://workingninja.comblog. The correct configuration (with trailing slash):

Redirect permanent /

Because 301 redirects are cached by the browser, whenever I tried to hit I would end up with my browser trying to go to workingninja.comblog. To fix this, I opened up "Web developer tools" and made sure that the option to "Disable Cache" was selected. This fixed the redirect issue until I closed out the Web developer tools pane.

The final solution was to dump my cache for the browser entirely. I was hoping for a solution with a bit more finesse but a cache flush every once and a while isn't too bad of a thing to do =)